Randall Griffiths


Associate Professor
Sport Management Program Director

Office: Wellness Center #130
E-mail: rgriffit@uiwtx.edu 
Phone: (210) 829-2795

  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Sport Management
  • MEd, Texas State University, Physical Education
  • BESS, Southwest Texas State University, Health and Fitness Management

Dr. Griffiths began his academic career at the University of the Incarnate Word in 2011. UIW has been Dr. Griffiths one and only faculty position and he loves it at the University. He is an advocate for fencing at UIW. He teaches the beginning fencing class and volunteers as an assistant coach for UIW's NCAA fencing team. 

Dr. Griffiths currently teaches all facets of sport management, including undergraduate and graduate courses. 

  • SMHP 3301 Introduction to Sport Management
  • SMHP 3302 Human Factors in Sport Management
  • SMHP 3303 Seminar in Sport Organizations and the Public Market
  • SMHP 3319 Internship
  • SMGT 6375 Sport Governance and Legal Issues in a Global Environment
  • SMGT 6380 Sport Management, Administration and Finance
  • SMGT 6384 Leadership in Sport Management
  • SMGT 6386 Internship
  • SMGT 6390 Research and Decision Making in Sport Management
  • PEHP 1143 Fencing

Dr. Griffiths researches the sport setting as a place for its participants and fans to accomplish many of life’s goals. He often uses a narrative method because it allows the individual to describe the important events that have shaped his or her experience.

  • Tingle, J., Griffiths, R., Hazlett, D., and Flint, A. (2018). NIRSA Championship Series Volunteerism: The Perceived Impact on Professional Development. Recreational Sports Journal 42, 2-17.
  • Griffiths, R., and Grote-Garcia, S. (2017). Pens and Swords: A Sport and Literacy Program. Poster presentation at the 32nd annual meeting for the North American Society of Sport Management in Denver, CO.
  • Griffiths, R. (2017). Stakeholders as Living, Breathing, Stories. Invited presentation at the 2017 IMC International Masters Days, Krems, Austria.
  • Griffiths, R., Barton-Weston, H., and Walsh, D. (2016). Sport Transitions as Epiphanies. Journal of Amateur Sport, 2, 29-49.