Birth of a Mother – A guide for Military Spouses Collage of mothers with their child or toddler with text "Birth of Mother - A Guide for Military Spouses"

This manual is used by the Mother’s in the groups and the Mentors. It provides the guidance for the sessions. MOMS mothers embark on an exciting adaptational journey to motherhood and with the group sessions they learn the tools to be excited about their journey as a mother. The process is an interactive one, in which the mother and her support system discover dreams and fantasies of hers, as well as those of her spouse/partner and possibly other family members. During this remarkable journey, research shows it is healthy to look to other mothers as potential role mothers to provide support during and after pregnancy. This program, the guide and the mentors have proven through evidence based research better birth outcomes and a happier mom!

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Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy

Book cover of Psychosocial adaptation, fourth edition

The fourth edition of this book updates and elaborates on the seven dimensions of maternal emotional health that have significant impact on delivery, postpartum adaptation, infant health, and early childhood development. Supported by the authors’ original research and interviews, the book provides readers with an analysis of the role of these core functions throughout pregnancy, as well as practical materials for use with pregnant clients in the form of assessment instruments and evidence-based interventions for promoting positive development. The book provides a theoretical framework with rationales for the seven psychosocial dimensions, therapeutic and counseling intervention strategies to improve adaptive development in each of the seven psychosocial dimensions, findings specific to women in diverse cultural groups, a chapter devoted to women in the military and military spouses, and discussion of salient issues of pregnancy, including physical changes, body image, intimacy, trust, and ambivalence. The book focuses on the seven dimensions of maternal prenatal emotional health: Acceptance of the pregnancy. Motivation and preparation for motherhood. Relationship with husband/partner. Relationship with her own mother. Preparation for labor. Sense of control in labor Self-Esteem and Well-Being in labor. Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy is a significant addition to the psychosocial assessment literature, a needed resource for clinical and health psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, midwives, and obstetrical nurses. It is also adaptable to undergraduate and graduate courses in maternal reproductive health and obstetrical nursing.

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Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy

Book cover of Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy, Third Edition

The third edition is presented in the Introduction (Chapter 1). The focus of Chapter 1 is twofold: (1) to present the research foundations for the psychophysiological correlates of prenatal psychosocial adaptation and the seven prenatal personality dimensions with progress in labor and birth outcomes, and particularly (2) to present the theory underlying the seven dimensions of prenatal psychosocial adaptation, which are further analyzed in the following seven chapters. Chapters 2–8 present a content analysis of the interview responses to the seven significant prenatal personality dimensions that are predictive of pregnancy adaption, progress in labor, birth outcomes, and postpartum maternal psychosocial adaptation, and they include: (1) Acceptance of Pregnancy, (2) Identification with a Motherhood Role, (3) Relationship with Mother, (4) Relationship with Husband, (5) Preparation for Labor, (6) (Prenatal) Fear of Pain, Helplessness, and Loss of Control in Labor, and (7) (Prenatal) Fear of Loss of Self-Esteem in Labor. There is no other comparable comprehensive, in-depth, prenatal personality research or empirical and content analysis of pregnancy-specific dimensions of maternal psychosocial adaptation to pregnancy.

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Perinatal Mental Health and the Military Family

Book cover of Perinatal Mental Health of a newborn in the arms of a soldier in uniform

This multi-disciplinary resource provides an overview of perinatal mental and physical health issues within the military population. Perinatal mental health has far-reaching implications for military readiness. The text provides insights to the effects of military culture on identification, evaluation, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and is an invaluable resource for military and civilian primary and behavioral health providers.

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