Sport Management Course Descriptions

Graduate Course Descriptions

6375 Sport Governance and Legal Issues in a Global Environment
This course examines how governance issues and laws in local, national, and international/global environments impact the development, structures, and functions of sport related organizations.

6370 Psychosocial Aspects of Sport Activity
A course designed to help the student understand the psychological and sociological aspects of sport and exercise with particular attention being paid to participants’ rationale. The content will integrate theory and practice in order to prepare the student to understand the customer base of physical activity participants.

6380/7380 Sport Management, Administration, and Finance
Introduction to management is a unifying theme in all aspects of sport. General topics include management styles, management of facilities, management in educational institutions, sports promotion organizations and professional sports. Individual topics include strategic planning and the social sciences, marketing and public relations, multicultural issues, and research. Research project required.

6382/7382 Human Resources in Sport Management 
Selected topics include management of personal involved in sports organizations, including leadership, management style, personal skills, hiring and interviewing practices, conflict resolution, contracts, managing athletes during training, time management, and personnel problems. Research project required.

6384/7384 Leadership and Organization in Sport Management
Selected topics include management and logistics of sports organizations, facilities, large groups of people, problems in sports organizations, community relationships, multicultural aspects of the sports business, fund raising and distribution, organizational development, strategic planning and sports law. Research project required.

6386 Internship in Sport Management
Supervised work for 200 clock hours in a sport related area of the student’s choosing in a school, college or university, business or industry. The course requires a report. Prerequisite is completion of 9 hours in Sport Management and permission/approval of the instructor.

6390/7390 Research and Decision Analysis in Sport Management
This course is an introduction to qualitative and quantitative research for Sport Management and other physical activity sciences. Qualitative methods for (including Historical and Philosophic) using grand tour and sub questions, data gathering, results verification using triangulation, and reporting of findings. Quantitative methods include experimental, quasi-experimental, survey and descriptive research design, sampling, and hypothesis testing. Students will gain competency in using computer software for statistical analysis and presentation.