Master of Science in Kinesiology

The Kinesiology graduate program is designed to provide individuals in physical education, health and fitness-related fields with a greater specific insight into current topics, curricular development skills and testing related to Kinesiology. Students can take the skills and knowledge and apply them to develop physical education and fitness programs. These programs will improve the health and lifelong physical activity behaviors of elementary, secondary, and university students and clients. Graduates of the program can use these skills to find employment in physical education, coaching, fitness training, clinical exercise testing, research and sport.

To fulfill the requirements for the MS in Kinesiology, students must complete 36 credit hours of study.

Kinesiology Core Requirements - 24 credit hours of coursework that includes:

  • KEHP 6340 Motor Learning and Control
  • KEHP 6350 Current Trends and Issues in Sport and Physical Education
  • KEHP 6360 Advanced Test and Measurements
  • KEHP 6377 Instructional Development in Physical Education
  • KEHP 6378 Biomechanics in Human Performance
  • KEHP 6379 Adaptive Physical Education and Sport
  • KEHP 6381 Topics in Exercise Physiology and Fitness
  • KEHP 63CS Capstone in Physical Education

Support Courses - 6 credit hours of coursework that includes:

  • EDUC 6301 Introduction to Educational Research
  • SMGT 6380 Sport Management, Administration and Finance

Electives (6 credit hours)

Classes are offered on a rotating year and a half schedule.