Sport Management

Sport Management Undergraduate Program

The BBA with a concentration in Sport Management is directed towards developing an advanced knowledge base in the business aspects of the social institution of sport. The program develops the individual's intellect, knowledge, and analytical skills in this area through the learning and application of business principles in the context of the sports industry. Students in this degree program become simultaneously acquainted with the more sophisticated aspects of the sports industry itself and can understand the business aspects of that industry rather than the aspects viewed by the experienced spectator, participant, or sports aficionado. The degree program provides students the opportunity to work in management, in an executive or academic setting in the field of sport. The program adheres to the mission of the university by developing competencies related to working in non-profit foundations, community outreach programs and other non-profit amateur sport organizations.


Undergraduate Degree Plan / Course Sequence

Sport Management is used as a template to study general principles of business. Students pursuing careers in the area of Sport Management will gain the tools to prepare them for life-long learning.

Careers in Sports Management

  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager
  • Athletics Administrators
  • Coaches/Scout
  • Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Facility Operations Manager
  • Financial and Contract Analyst
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Game Day and Event Coordinator
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Physical Therapist
  • Public Relations Managers and Specialist
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Attorney
  • Sport Marketing
  • Training and Development Manager